Subasta Real Logistics

Once an auction is finished, you can choose between several options for the collection-shipment of your lot:

  1. You can pick it up from our offices once we have confirmed that the lot is in our possession. Likewise, we will confirm the pick-up time and, if any, the cost of packaging if necessary.
  2. Shipping through one of our transport companies. In this case, the perfectly packed lot would be sent to the address you choose. Shipping is insured up to € 3,000. For larger quantities, special insurance must be requested. If you buy several lots we can send them all together to save costs. The shipping cost would be that of the largest or heaviest lot and must have respected the payment deadlines for the lots.
  3. Shipping from your own transport agency. In this case, we would charge you for the cost of packaging and inform you of the schedule so that your carrier can pick up the package.