Returns and Cancellations

As a buyer, you can cancel an acquisition within fourteen days from the date of auction, only in cases where the item does not correspond to the cataloging or has significant damage not indicated in the description or that can not be seen in the images. The non-authenticity of the object must be reasoned and justified by an authority in the matter. The piece must be returned in the same condition and condition as it was delivered.

In any of these cases and always within the established term, Open Auctions S.L. will intermediate and refund you in full the money paid for the purchase of the object. The transportation costs in the collection and delivery of the piece or any other expense that is not the auction price plus commission and VAT, will not be paid by Open Auctions SL .

Any other claim that the buyer wants to make due to incorrect or false information of the piece must be addressed inexcusably to the seller, while Open Auctions SL no assumes the authenticity of the piece but only the mediation in the sale.

In no case may compensation or compensation be claimed on pieces that having been auctioned or adjudicated, have been lost, stolen from or in the auction, withdrawn from auction or canceled, expressly limited the amount to be returned to the amount of award of the piece to the buyer .

In no case Open Auctions S.L. will accept any responsibility for any damage that occurred during the transportation of the auctioned lot (s), will only be liable if the part suffers any damage during its stay in the facilities of Open Auctions SL

Under no circumstances will any claim be accepted on the lots awarded, after 15 days from the auction of the piece.