Pickup and shipment

The buyer has a period of 7 days to pay and pickup the lots that have been awarded at auctions. Remember that if you are the winning user of the lot, the final invoice will reflect the amount bid plus the Subasta Real commission plus VAT on the commission. Also remember that if you choose to send your lot through a transport agency, the shipping costs will also be reflected in your invoice. The commission that Subasta Real applies to the sale of any lot is 18% + VAT (As an example if you win a lot with a bid of € 100 the final price of your invoice will be € 100 + € 18 commission + 3.78 € VAT on commission, Total € 121.78).

If you wish, Subasta Real will manage the shipment and packaging, which will always be the responsibility of the buyer, being also your sole responsibility for the damages that may be caused during said transport. Subasta Real can provide you with a rate chart before its completion.

If you wish to proceed to pickup the lot through our offices, you will have 30 days from the date of payment and issuance of the invoice. After that period, a charge of €5 per day will be applied for storage and insurance.

No claim on the awarded lots will be accepted under any circumstances, after 15 days from the issuance of the corresponding invoice to them, by Open Auctions S.L.