Sale General Conditions

  1. The seller guarantees that he is the legitimate owner or person authorized to dispose of the artworks that he assigns to Subasta Real (Open Auctions S.L.) for auction.
  2. The general commission applied to the seller is 15% + VAT on the hammer price. (Clarify that VAT is on the 15% commission, not on the hammer price). Subasta Real would charge only in the case of selling the artworks.
  3. If it is auctioned for €800 or more, we would be legally obliged to make the retention for the author's participation rights of 4% + VAT on the auction price. ( More information on the right participation ).
  4. Subasta Real will publish the artworks for sale at auction for approximately 15 days, during which time they will remain in the possession of the owner-seller and the latter undertakes not to sell them to third parties. During this period the artworks will be published on our website and the corresponding publicity will be made.
  5. Once each lot has been awarded, the seller must ship it well packaged to our offices at Carrer de La Gleva, 42-44, 08006 in Barcelona, Spain. Transportation and insurance costs will be paid by the seller. Once the lot is received, you will be given a delivery note for the net amount, which will be the hammer price minus the & nbsp; 15% + VAT.
  6. The settlement will be made by bank transfer in the account number that the seller provides us once the buyer has paid, received the lot and given its approval.
  7. If there is a claim or return for false artwork, the seller agrees to return the money paid to Subasta Real regardless of the time that has passed since the artwork was sold and settled.
  8. Subasta Real reserves the right to expose, photograph, describe, etc ... the objects assigned for auction.