Sell your artwork in auction

If you have artworks you can put them up for sale in our auction using the CREATION OF NEW LOT option. To do this, you must follow the following instructions:

In the form you must specify the title of the lot, for example, Juan García Ripollés: "Woman at rest" (2015)

You must specify the description of the lot as detailed as possible:   Author: Juan García Ripollés (Castellón, 1932). Title: Woman at Rest (2015). Description: mixed pigmentation technique on canvas signed in the lower right corner. Attached certificate of authenticity issued by the artist. Measures without frame 97x130 cm. Artwork in perfect condition.

You must specify which family it belongs to, for example, 20th century painting , Sculpture, Graphic work, etc ...

You must specify the weight and measures so that we can calculate the shipping costs to the buyer.

You must specify a estimated price of the artwork (gallery price). The starting price (minimum selling price). In the event that there are bids for that price, you would be obliged to sell. The system will give you a calculation of the net price that you will receive less our commission and the corresponding taxes.

You can specify a minimum percentage of the starting price to receive downbids. For example, if you specify a starting price of € 2,000 and a minimum low bid of 50%, the lowest offer they can make will be € 1,000. If you leave the value at 0 this option will be disabled and the bidders will be able to make you any offer.

You must send good photos of the artwork , a general one, detail of the signature, detail of possible damages, photo on the back and in general any photo that illustrates the work. You can select which will be the main photo by clicking on the asterisk at the bottom.

Finally you can specify the characteristics of the lot. The only mandatory feature is the artist name . If it does not appear among those proposed, you can add a new artist from the "New artist" text box. It is also important to know if the work is on deposit in our warehouses or if you have it in your possession to request that it be sent to us in case of sale.

To finish, click on the button "Save" .

Once the form is sent, we will review it and approve the publication.

The artworks are for sale at auction for approximately 15 days. Once the auction is over, three things can happen:

A- The artwork has received bids . In this case the artwork is considered sold. You have to ship the lot to our offices at Carrer de La Gleva, 42-44, 08006 de Barcelona, Spain. We will make the settlement in the current account that you tell us once the buyer has paid, received the lot and given its approval. Remember that the amount you will receive will be the auction price minus our commission.

B- The artwork has not received bids but it has received downbids . In this case, you must decide whether or not to accept the downbid offer. You can do it from the section "My received downbids". If you accept the offer, a bid will be generated for that price and the purchase process will continue as in the previous section. If the offer is not accepted, the system will notify the buyer. You will be able to put the artwork back up for sale later by lowering the starting price.

C- The artwork has not received bids or down . In this case we will have to analyze the reason why the lot has not received the interest of the buyers and try to correct the defects. You can put it up for sale again by lowering the starting price after a while and lengthening the days of publication so that it is seen by the largest number of bidders.

As the supplier, you guarantee that you are the legitimate owner or person authorized to dispose of the goods that you assign to Subasta Real for auction. Likewise, it undertakes to faithfully describe the lots to be published, to establish a fair starting price in line with the reality of the market and to ship the awarded lots well packed to our offices once the auction is over. Likewise, it undertakes to return the paid money to Subasta Real in the event that there is a claim for false work.
You can read our Frequently Asked Questions to understand how our auction works.