Josep Olivet i Legares: "Draw" (?)

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Author: Josep Olivet i Legares (Olot, Province of Girona, 1887 – Barcelona, 1956). Title: Drawing. Description: drawing on paper signed on the left margin. Measurements without frame 35x27 cm. Measurements with frame 35x28 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age. Josep Olivet i Legares was an Olotí painter and outstanding landscaper. He is going to form the Escola d'Art d'Olot and the Galí Academy in Barcelona (1911-12). He later studied in Rome at the Royal Institute of Belle Arti. Later he visited France, England and Italy and in that last country, he studied and painted. After the journey through the world of art he returned to Barcelona and Marx to Madrid with José María López Mezquita. I attended the National Exhibition of Madrid (1915) and exhibited individually at the Faianç Català in 1916. Successively it will hold exhibitions tots els ans. Olivet Legares was impregnated with the expertise of Corot's teacher and is considered one of the million Catalan paisatgistes. For the seva Artwork of technical strength, of a singular enchantment of passion and sentiment, the Olotí painter of major arrest, prestige and personality was in his time. The six Artworks constitute a continuation of the landscape school of Olotina with greater chromatic richness.

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