Rachel Mizpah: "Empty Town with Ghosts"

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Author: Rachel Mizpah (Palencia, 1973). Title: Empty Town with Ghosts. Description: Oil on canvas. Certificate of authenticity on request. Signed. 33X41 cms.. Renowned international artist, painter, performer and music composer. Artwork in good condition. Rachel Mizpah, Palencia 1973. Finalist for the New York Artslant Prize 2015, painting. Training - Estudio Nieves Solana (Madrid), Rietvelt Academie of Amsterdam, plastic arts; UCLA University, Los Angeles, film direction, Escuela de la Palma (Madrid), mural painting. Solo Exhibitions "Octopuses and decisions", Sala Cicelly, Madrid, 2003; paint. "Crematory Freezing Chamber", Sala Artépolis, Madrid, 2004: installation. "Terrestrial Projection", Carmen de la Guerra Gallery; installation (projections, music, performance). Madrid, 2003. In 2009 he performed the performance-concert "The Cup of God's Wrath" (Sala Pira'mide). Collective exhibitions "Neti,neti" Collective exhibition Mexican artists, performance. Salon México, Institute of México-Embassy of Spain. (Madrid, 2002); curated by Gabriel Santamarina (Mexico). Collective exhibition Nieves Solana studio. "Concert for Hoover and Hair-dryer", Rietvelt Academie, Amsterdam 1995. Performance/installation. "Go to the second room", Rietvelt Academy, Amsterdam. Installation. "Trapezio-Experimento" Exhibition, "La Hui'da" room, Madrid, 2013. Arco Fairs and Exhibitions, Lipanjepuntin room, Italy. 2002. Installation/performance. "Pidgeon T.V.", Rietvelt Academie (TV + installation). Amsterdam. At the end of 2007 he resumed his artistic career with "Orquestas Hexagonales" (musical installation). In February 2010, the music video "Agua Viva" came to light, shown in Barcelona, Pari's and Rosario (Argentina), within the scope of the VideoLab festival. Exhibition "Spirit

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