Antoni Tapies "La Porta" (1969)

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Technique: Carborundum. Edition: 34/ 75 copies. Paper: Guarro Special. Condition: Good with signs of age. Publisher: La Polígrafa, Barcelona. Catalog number: 1231. Cataloged in Tàpies. Graphic work. Graphic Work. 1947-1972. Editorial Gustavo Gili. 1973.

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  • Antoni Tàpies: "Barcelona '92" XXI/XLV

    Author: Antoni Tàpies Puig (Barcelona, 1923-2012) . Title: Barcelona '92. Description: Lithograph in various inks on Watercolor paper signed in pencil by the artist and numbered XXI/XLV. Published in 1990 by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92. Printed by Polígrafa Obra Gráfica SL. A certificate issued by Polygraph is attached. Reference Tàpies Graphic Artwork 1987-1994 number 1274. Measurements without frame 70x50 cm. Measurements with frame 100x80 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    1250 EUR
    End Date: 4/10/23 7:55 PM
  • Antoni Tàpies: "Déchirure" (1984) 39/75

    Author: Antoni Tàpies Puig (Barcelona, 1923-2012). Title: Déchirure (1984). Description: lithograph in various inks on Archés paper. Signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 39/75. Edited and printed by Galerie Lelong, Paris. Reference Tàpies graphic work 1979-1986 number 967. Measurements without frame 103x74.5 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

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    End Date: 3/31/23 8:50 PM
  • Antoni Tàpies: "La Clau del Foc 4" IX/XXV

    Author: Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012). Title: La Clau del Foc 4 (1973). Description: lithograph with relief signed in pencil by the artist and numbered IX/XXV. Reference Tàpies Graphic Work 1973-1978 number 371. Frameless measures 61x45 cm. Measures of the iron 32x25 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    1312 EUR
    End Date: 4/4/23 5:45 PM
  • Antoni Tapies: "Composition" (1984)

    Author: Antoni Tapies . Title:Composition (1984). Description: Offset lithograph on bristol paper. Measures without frame 64x59 cm. Artwork in perfect condition.

    40 EUR
    End Date: 4/6/23 8:50 PM
  • Antoni Tàpies: "Gaspar Room December 1971" P.A.

    Author: Antoni Tapies (1923-2012). Title: Sala Gaspar December 1971. Description: lithograph in yellow, grey, black and dark red on Guarro paper. Signed in pencil by the artist and numbered P.A. Edited by Sala Gaspar in 1971. Reference Tàpies Obra Gráfica 1947-1972 number 286 page 176. Measurements without frame 90x65 cm. Image measures 74x60 cm. Framed. Artwork in good condition.

    1094 EUR
    End Date: 4/3/23 8:05 PM

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  • Jordi Rollán Lahoz: untitled oil

    Author: Jordi Rollán Lahoz (Barcelona, 1940). Title: untitled. Description: oil on canvas signed in the lower left corner. Measures without frame 92x70 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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  • Antoni Vives Fierro: "La Pedrera" (1990)

    Author: Antoni Vives Fierro (Barcelona, 1940). Title: La Pedrera (1990). Description: Mixed media on canvas signed and dated 90 in the lower right corner. Measurements without frame 50x61 cm. Measurements with frame 72x83 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    821 EUR
    End Date: 3/31/23 5:15 PM
  • Àlvar Suñol: litografía sin título 143/150

    Autor: Àlvar Suñol Muñoz-Ramos (Mongat, 1935). Título: sin título. Descripción: litografía firmada a mano por el artista y numerada 143/150. Medidas sin marco 55x70 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

    99 EUR
    End Date: 3/31/23 5:20 PM